Document Workflow Automation

The explosion of corporate data systems and operational information has increased the demand for cost effective and efficient document workflow solutions. The acquisition, use and storage of shared enterprise resources can be overwhelming and complex, requiring expert knowledge to achieve a streamlined and efficient operation.

The ever changing face of information architecture means that workload automation, in a heterogeneous environment, is essential to the continued growth and success of many organisations. To this end, workflow automation helps to orchestrate a series of sensible and efficient mechanisms that help employees to access, utilise, share and store enterprise level information in an efficient and low risk environment.

Essentially, automated document workflow solutions reduces human intervention and errors, streamlines operational processes and increases output quality.

Processes that Benefit from Workflow Automation

There are certain key operational areas that benefit from workflow automation.

Business Process Optimisation

The optimisation of business processes can be achieved via a number of avenues with document workflow solutionsbeing a key factor. Streamlining the throughput of work within your organisation leads to increased efficiencies and reduced costs.

This efficiency can be best seen in the following areas:

  • Accounts Payable: Automated e-invoices are received and processed faster with no manual work involved. Your e-invoice portal will accept invoices in any format, automatically convert them to your preferred format and archive the original invoices. Likewise, your invoices are automatically converted to the client’s preferred format, validated and sent on to your clients.
  • Contract Management: Workflow automation helps to streamline contract management and move contracts quickly from one step to the next. This means that bottlenecks are eliminated and approvals are streamlined and fast tracked. With up to date contract information, risks are minimised and deals and orders are completed efficiently.
  • HR Automation: Repetitive, manual and user intensive tasks can be automated, essentially freeing your staff for more critical tasks that increase the strategic value of your HR department.
  • Mail Room Automation: This allows you to automatically capture, digitalise, distribute, archive and process a wide range of incoming mail. Your inbound mail is streamlined, workflows and business processes are optimised and manual handling costs are minimised.

Workflow automation drives faster turnaround times, leading to enhanced customer service, and accelerated processing and response times.

RBC Business Solutions provides our clients with the hardware and the backup to fully automate workflow throughputs and the software that brings document workflow solutions to the fore front of your business. We also offer cloud, onsite or hybrid storage and server facilities, fully customised to your corporate needs.

With our proven project management skills and flexible service delivery processes, RBC Group help to maximise your ROI and increase employee efficiency, as well as enhance client satisfaction.

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