BaaS - Backup as a Service


Your corporate data is everywhere. It’s intellectual property sprawl whether it’s in the cloud, in virtual environments, in remote offices, and on mobile devices. Even more problematic, there’s more of it, it’s duplicated and much of it is business-critical. You need the ability to restore data quickly in the event of a disaster, failure or outage.

Easy to Manage Backup Solution

The ability to gain access to historical data quickly and reliably is imperative for productivity, compliance and regulation. The impact of lost data can amount to thousands or millions of dollars in the value of the data, lost productivity, technical services to restore the data and damage to the brand reputation.

Organisations need an easy to manage solution—BaaS—that enables them to backup data, systems & application configuration automatically across multiple sites to a secure location, easily restorable via a central control, without the need for expensive backup software licensing, server and storage infrastructure and support staff to manage it.

Enterprise Backup & Storage Secured in Australian Data Centres

A solution delivered by Ducentis combines the power of enterprise class storage, backup technology architecture and highly secure Australian datacentre facilities to deliver intelligent data protection designed for today’s high-stakes backup and recovery environments. With these solutions, you can spend less time and money on backups and restores in order to focus more of your effort and resources on meeting business objectives. We work on the principal that you mitigate risk by design. All our systems are designed and built with redundancy and failsafe mechanisms at all levels.


``We combine elements of enterprise grade systems, technologies and processes to form a robust series of services deigned to bring cost savings and simplicity into computing, managing and protecting data.``

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