File2Me - Cloud File Sharing, Storage and Backup Service


File2me is one of the simplest ways to bring cloud file sharing and sync to existing file storage and access infrastructure. Have confidence in your file storage solution with a business facing enterprise tier solution.

Simple and Secure Access to Enterprise Data From Any Device

  1. Multiple ways to access remote enterprise data securely: Web Access, Sync Drive, Mobile Apps with 4+ stars user rating.
  2. Detection and Proactive Alerts, Granular Permission and Version Control Recovery all of which are focused on anti-ransomware strategies.

Secure Sharing with Multiple Custom Settings

  1. Offers sharing files and folders as an open-to-public link or as a private password-protected link. Provides a variety of control options which allow users to limit the number of downloads, size of uploads and expiry on a shared link
  2. Share notification is a unique feature to notify the administrator if any specific file has been shared; helps with monitoring critical data.

Mobile Device Management to Manage BYOD workforce

  1. Administrators can view the inventory of all the device accessing data using File2me and monitor activities in real time. In case of any suspicious activity, administrators can selectively block devices or permanently remove users from data-accessing.
  2. If users were to lose a mobile phone, the admin could remotely wipe the File2me data off that device, protecting confidential files.

Protects from Data Loss

  1. Versioning enables users to retrieve older versions of a file, even when other users overwrite the file through FileCloud. File2mesupports versioning not only on local files but also on network shares if updated through FileCloud.
  2. Secure endpoint backup and restore across all platforms helps businesses to prevent loss of critical data.

Detailed Audit Capabilities to Meet Regulations

  1. Activity logs capture the what, when, who and how attributes of every user action within the system. Detailed activity logs help companies meet HIPAA-like government regulations and follow enterprise information security best practices.
  2. Simple Ul enables administrators to easily filter logs and select the right level of data granularity.

``Maintain complete data ownership, residency and compliance using file2me as your File Sharing, Sync and or Backup Solution!``

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