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Cloud Computing - Transitioning To Cloud Technology

Cloud computing has fundamentally changed the way in which companies do business, by providing IT infrastructure with more flexibility, resources and scalability than previously possible with On-Premise computing alone.

One of the major concerns of organisations however, who are considering moving to the cloud, is how to integrate their legacy and other applications into a cohesive IT infrastructure.

This is where a fully hosted IT solution comes into play, because without the skills, understanding and knowledge of cloud technology, transitioning to the cloud can be fraught with problems.

Benefits of Transitioning to the Cloud

Moving to the cloud increases your scalability, mobility and globalisation potential. This is achieved by designing an IT infrastructure that supports all of your legacy and current applications, and seamlessly integrates your business processes, software and various platforms already in use, as a single cohesive service.

The result is that your capital IT investments are minimised and your potential for growth is optimised.  Even more, when you leverage the power of the cloud within your business, you essentially create a better model for driving change through your organisation, one that far surpasses anything you could have achieved with On-Premise technology alone.

How can a Fully Hosted Cloud Computing Infrastructure Benefit your Business?

Managed cloud solutions give businesses the power to leverage the massive resources of the cloud without the frustration, cost and time commitment involved in managing this IT infrastructure in-house.

Think of cloud hosting as being similar to website hosting, but where this hosting is on vast network of virtual servers, and where resources are accessed from an extensive network of servers in many different locations. This vastness and network of servers ensures that resources are always available for your needs, as these resources are not dependent on the limited restraints of one server.

Someone however, has to design the right combination of applications, networks, ecommerce resources and storage that not only suits your current needs, but also has the flexibility to grow with your business.

How can the RBC Group help your organisation Transition to the Cloud?

This is where the RBC Group comes in because we can design, run and support your IT onsite and offsite computing infrastructure, to give you the freedom to grow your business. This support can include, for example, the day to day management of your cloud workloads, infrastructure monitoring, and applications maintenance and OS patching.

This means that we use our proven cloud computing and organisational skills to create a seamless transition to the cloud for your organisation.

To do this we work collaboratively with stakeholders and IT specialists, within your organisation, to ensure that your IT infrastructure is designed specifically for your needs, both now and well into the future.

With the RBC Group, your business will be well-positioned, with both the scalability and flexibility required for continued national and international growth. The future of business has never looked so good.

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