Best-of-Breed Technology Solutions

Ducentis offers a wide range of products from a variety of vendors. Our solutions are all picked for functionality, accessibility, and security, and are designed to be best of breed technology solutions. Working with leading enterprise technology allows Ducentis to provide a single point of contact for services ranging from storage and networking to email and voice services.

Docs2Me - Document Management Service

docs2me - Business Intelligence

Docs2me is a cloud-native, end-to-end application that automates the flow of work to optimize a variety of business processes. A Business Process Automation Platform combining Document Management, Business Workflow, OCR Data Extraction and Systems Integration, Docs2me delivers document and workflow automation that is easy to implement, configure, use and modify.
IP2Me - Cloud Desktop Solution

ip2me - Desktop as a Service

The ip2me platform will provide you with the skilled IT resources, latest software applications and enterprise-class data centre infrastructure you need to ensure the ongoing protection of your intellectual property against the ever-present security threats.

Every minute counts in today’s fast-paced business environment. Stop wasting your valuable time and energy on the planning, selection, deployment, testing and updating of your Information System Environment. Don’t leave the safety and security of your digital intellectual property platform to chance!

Mail2Me - Enterprise Exchange - Hosted Email Service

mail2me - Email Archiving & Compliance

Ducentis offers advanced exchange hosting through the mail2me Enterprise Exchange service. Designed to safeguard against threats that can result from outdated software, our hosted exchange packages can include Perimeter Mail Filtering, enterprise level Anti-spam and Anti-virus software.
File2Me - Cloud File Sharing, Storage and Backup Service

file2me - Corporate file share

File2me is one of the simplest ways to bring cloud file sharing and sync to existing file storage and access infrastructure. Have confidence in your file storage solution with a business facing enterprise tier solution.
Pass2Me - Enterprise Password Management Solution

pass2me (Password Management as a Service)

Pass2me is an on-premise web-based solution for Enterprise Password Management in which teams of people can access and share sensitive password resources. Role-based administration and end-to-end event auditing provide a secure platform for password storage and collaboration. 256bit AES data encryption, code obfuscation, and enterprise scalability make Pass2me is one of the most competitive enterprise-level password management services available.


IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service

Ducentis is Latin for 200 and an acronym for Delivering Unified Communications, Enterprise Networking Technologies, and Information Systems. We believe that our hosted services platform provides enough capacity and certification to manage an ASX200 listed enterprise. Our focus is towards Small to Medium Business with 200 staff or less. Ducentis provides a single point of contact for infrastructure services, along with technical and maintenance support for multi-vendor networks. Ducentis adds value and convenience by providing a single point of contact for solutions to deliver analysis, design, integration and ongoing support. Ducentis is the right partner to deliver a managed service for a converged information system infrastructure services available.


BaaS - Backup as a Service

Every business should have a backup. BaaS is king when it comes to having peace of mind against the ever-growing concerns for data integrity and security. Ducentis partners with leading vendors from Veeam, Shadow Protect, and Zerto to take advantage and enhance the 3-2-1 backup rule. This approach helps to answer three important questions:

  1. How many backup files should I have?
  2. Where should I store them?
  3. How often do I test and validate the backups are working?


SaaS - Software as a Service (SPLA)

Ducentis provide SPLA Licensing to SMB and SME clients through Australia from several different vendors including Microsoft, Adobe, Veeam, Storagecraft and VMWare to name a few.  The (Services Provider License Agreement) is a licensing payment program designed to give SMB and SME clients access to first class technology as an operational expense.

Ducentis using SPLA can deliver a licensing engine with Microsoft software such as Office, Windows, SQL, and other Microsoft products on a subscription basis. Whether your business needs a cloud-based service, an on-premise solution or a combination of both, you will incorporate software upgrades without paying additional licensing through SPLA.

Ducentis enhances this service by delivering this service for the Microsoft SCCM platform. We can manage software licensing, manage devices deployments and scale up or down as needed. Take advantage of premium features as you need them without the risk of ownership! The competitive advantage that Ducentis delivers to your business is the capability to demonstrate flexibility and agility with your core business applications. 

VaaS - Voice as a Service

Ducentis has been built with the vision becoming the single point partner to provide & manage all communication services from the Hosting, Internet, Firewall, Carriage, Routing, Switching and IP Telephone/Video end-point device. Ducentis delivers VaaS as the platform that your business needs to communicate effectively with suppliers and customers in today’s competitive business environment. You need ready access to information, updated in real time. With the right solution, your business can collaborate more effectively and problem-solve like never before. The VaaS platform can bring together voice, messaging, video, and desktop applications designed to enable companies to adapt quickly to market changes, increase productivity, improve their competitive advantage, and deliver a rich media experience. By unifying your communications, you can improve productivity and collaboration to gain a competitive edge

Exchange Hosting

Ducentis offers state of the art exchange hosting through the mail2me Enterprise Exchange service. Designed to safeguard against threats that can result from outdated software, our hosted exchange packages can include Perimeter Mail Filtering and enterprise level Anti-spam and Anti-virus software.

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